2014 Team Showdown Schedule

The Miami Suns Girls Basketball Team Showdown will be taking place at Palm Beach State College and Norman J. Wimbley Gymnasium in Lake Worth, FL:

Palm Beach State College
4200 S Congress Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Norman J Wimbley Gymnasium
1515 Wingfield Street
Lake Worth, Fl 33460

Friday, September 26, 2014

Time Court 1
Palm Beach State Gymnasium
Court 2
Palm Beach State Gymnasium
Court 3
Norman J. Wimbley Gymnasium
5:00 Florida Suns 15/16 vs. Tampa Inferno 10th NJ Sparks’ 16 Red vs. Hoop City 17U Palm Beach Garden Starzz vs. G-Nation Krome – 17U
6:10 Delray Blazers vs. Florida Future 9th Miami Suns Middle School vs. Florida Suns 18 Tampa Inferno 8th vs. CFE 8th
7:20 North Florida Elite Gold vs. Magic City Ballers Kendell Falcons vs. Das Huh 17U North Florida Elite 8th vs. Florida Future 8th
8:30 CFE White vs. Palm Beach Gardens Starzz Michigan Storm 16U vs. Hollywood Eagles 17U NJ Sparks 2017 vs. Tampa Inferno 8th
9:40 Miami Suns Team Fowles vs. NJ Sparks Gold Florida Future 11th vs Stallions 17U Tampa Thunder 2019 vs. Das Huh 14U

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Time Court 1
Palm Beach State Gymnasium
Court 2
Palm Beach State Gymnasium
Court 3
Norman J. Wimbley Gymnasium
8:00 CFE White vs. Delray Blazers North Florida Elite Gold vs. Florida Suns 15/16 Florida Future 9th vs. G-Nation Black 15U
9:10 Florida Future 11th vs. Miami Suns Red Hollywood Eagles 17U vs. G-Nation Krome – 17U Florida Future 8th vs Florida Suns 18
10:20 Magic City Ballers vs. IMG Academy Michigan Storm 16u vs. CFE BLUE Tampa Inferno 8th vs. North Florida Elite 8th
11:30 Florida Future 11th vs. Hoop City 17U Miami Suns Team Larkins vs. NJ Sparks’ 16 Red Tampa Inferno 9th vs. Delray Blazers
12:40 FGB South vs. Miami Suns Red Kiwanis Club Stings vs. North Florida Elite Gold CFE 8th vs. Das Huh 14U
1:50 Michigan Storm 16U vs. Tampa Inferno 10th Das Huh 17u vs. G-Nation Black 15U Miami Suns Middle School vs. NJ Sparks 2017
3:00 G-Nation Krome 17U vs. Kendell Falcons IMG Academy vs. NJ Sparks Gold EYBL Tampa Thunder 2019 vs Florida Future 8th
4:10 FGB South vs. Tampa Inferno 10th CFE BLUE vs. FGB Lake Worth Tampa Inferno 9th vs. CFE White
5:20 Kiwanis Club Stings vs. Hoop City 17U Palm Beach Gardens Starzz vs. NJ Sparks’ 16 Red Stallions 17U vs. Florida Suns 15/16
6:30 Miami Suns Middle vs. North Elite 8th  NJ Sparks Gold EYBL vs. FGB Lake Worth G-Nation Black 15U vs. NJ Sparks 2017
7:40     Florida Suns 18 vs. Das Huh 14U
8:50     Stallions 17U vs. Das Huh 17U


Game Rules

The following are the games Rules:
• Game time is forfeit time. There will be no late starts. It is recommended that each team show up one hour prior to the schedule Game time. No game will start prior to its schedules time unless both coaches agrees.

• 16 Minute Stopped Clock Halves

• “Foul Out” with (6) Personal Fouls

• The (10th) Team Foul is Double Bonus “ No 1 and 1”

• Warm-up time will be at least one minute and Halftime will be 1 minute warm-up.

• (3) :30 Second Timeouts per game; (1) timeout in overtime.

• Overtime 2-point Sudden death

• If a team is up by 30 at half the clock will run and not stop the entire half if there is a 20 point margin with less than 8 minutes left in the 2nd half the clock will also run. Running clock cannot be reversed.

• Verbal abuse of players, coaches, parents, officials, or tournament officials will not be tolerated and will result in an ejection from the event with no refund. Parties who refuse to leave the premises will be subject to law enforcement.

• All others High School rules will apply

• Top Team (bold) will be the home team wearing light jersey